March-June 2014, Issue 2

Articles-Issue Spéciale Conférence Internationale des Energies Renouvelables


Modélisation de système de pompage photovoltaïque optimisé
A. Bouden, M. Marir Benabbas


Influence de pas de temps futur et de nombre de thermogramme sur l’identification d’une source de chaleur ponctuelle :
résolution d’un problème inverse.

Touhami Younès


March-June 2014, Issue 2

Articles-Special Issue Conference International of Renewable Energy

Modeling of Wind Energy Conversion System and Power Quality Analysis
A. Djellad , P.O. Logerais, A. Omeiri , O. Riou, J.F. Durastanti, A. Khelfi

Sliding mode Control indirect strategy of the active and reactive power for the wind turbine DFIG
N. Cherfia*, D. Kerdoun and A. Boumassata

TCPST (thyristor control phase shifting transformer) impact on power quality

Performance Enhancement by Maximum Power-Point Tracking Techniques With MATLAB/Simulink of Solar Photovoltaic model
Zaghba Layachi , N. Terki

Analysis and Mitigation of the Interference Between High Voltage Power Line and Buried Pipelines
M’hamed Ouadah , Mourad Zergoug

Performance Optimization of a Photovoltaic Water-Pumping System
Kamal Himour , Kaci Ghedamsi , and El Madjid Berkouk

Study and modelling of a photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector with cylindro-parabolic concentrator
Maifi.L , Chari.A , Hioual.O , Kerbache.T

Open angle effects on the aerodynamic performances of a flanged Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT)
Rym Chaker, Mouldi Kardous, Fethi Aloui , Sassi Ben Nasrallah

Comparative Study Between MPPT Algorithms Applied to Wind Energy Conversion System
S. Lalouni , D. Rekioua , K. Idjdarene , A.M.Tounzi

Energy management of Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage
Sofia Lalouni, Djamila Rekioua

Performance Analysis of Control Techniques for PWM Rectifiers
Houssam Eddine Medouce , Adel Mehdi , Hocine Benalla

A control strategy of hybrid photovoltaic-diesel generation system with a battery storage for isolated load
Mhamdi Taoufik Lassâad Sbita

Application of different MPPT techniques in performances evaluation of a PV pumping system
Ahmed Mohammedi, Nabil Mezzai, Zahra Mokrani, Djamila Rekioua

Fuzzy logic control of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic system
Youcef Soufi , Mohcene Bechaouet , Aziz Boukadoum, Tahar Bahi

Numerical Investigation of the Heating Distribution Effect on the Boiling Flow in the Bubble Pumps
Raoudha Garma , Youssef stiriba ,Mahmoud bourouis ,Ahmed Bellagi

Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection in a Square Cavity with Partially Active Vertical and Horizontal Walls
Debbah Djoubeir , Kholai Omar , Chorfi Soufien , Boudebous Saadoun

Motor-Pump Subsystem’s Modelling Tool for Photovoltaic Pumping System Study, Design and Analysis
Akila Djoudi Gherbi , Badia Amrouche , Amor Hadj Arab , Hacen Salhi

Motor-Pump Subsystem’s Modelling Tool for Photovoltaic Pumping System Study, Design and Analysis
Akila Djoudi Gherbi , Badia Amrouche, Amor Hadj Arab , Hacen Salhi

Linearizing control input-output of a wind turbine permanent magnet synchronous

Optimization of Vibration Data Using Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Induction Machine Faults
Abla Bouguerne , Abdesselam Lebaroud , Aziz Boukadoum


International Journal of Control, Energy and Electrical Engineering



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