January - March 2014, Issue 1

Maximum Power Point Tracking For Photovoltaic Systems: A Comparison Between GAs and PSO Approaches

M. Bechouat, Y. Soufi, S. Kahla, B.Guendouz, M. Sedraoui

On -Off Control based Particle Swarm Optimization for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Sami Kahla,Youcef Soufi, Moussa Sedraoui, Mohcene Bechouat

Numerical Heat and Mass Transfer Investigation ofHydrogen Absorption in an Annulus-Disc Reactor

Ali Boukhari, Rachid Bessaïh, Merouane Zedayria

Direct Torque Control for Switched ReluctanceMotor (6/4) powered by PV array

B. Goumeidane, D. Rahem, A .Haddoun and T. Bahi

Preparation and thermal characterization ofParaffin / Red Brick composite as a novel formstablephase
change material for thermal energystorage

Souad Khedache, Said Makhlouf, Dihia Djefel, Gilles Lefebvre, Laurent Royon

Modeling and control of a permanent magnet Synchronous generator driven by a wind turbine

LADIDE Saad, HIHI Hicham and FAIT AH Khalid

Modelling and simulation of InAs quantum dots grown on GaAs substrate for optical performances enhancing.


Performance Comparison of PI and IP Controllers Used to Control a DC Machine Powered by a Photovoltaic Generator

Abdelhak Bouchakour, Abdelhalim Borni, Layachi Zaghba , Mostéfa Brahami, Hadj Mahammed Idriss

Comparative studies between wind turbine active/reactive power control

Azzeddine Dekhane,Abdallah Abderrezak

Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Energy Conversion System

Omessaad Elbeji, Mouna Ben Hamed, Lassaad Sbita

Using of Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to find the optimal power flow Case study (the 23 bus Serbian system)

Mohamed B. Jannat, Aleksander Saviĉ, Jamal S. abdulmalek


International Journal of Control, Energy and Electrical Engineering



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