International Journal of Control, Energy and Electrical Engineering (CEEE)


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March-June 2014, Issue 2

Articles-Special Issue Conference International of Renewable Energy

Modeling of Wind Energy Conversion System and Power Quality Analysis
A. Djellad , P.O. Logerais, A. Omeiri , O. Riou, J.F. Durastanti, A. Khelfi

Sliding mode Control indirect strategy of the active and reactive power for the wind turbine DFIG
N. Cherfia*, D. Kerdoun and A. Boumassata

TCPST (thyristor control phase shifting transformer) impact on power quality

Performance Enhancement by Maximum Power-Point Tracking Techniques With MATLAB/Simulink of Solar Photovoltaic model
Zaghba Layachi , N. Terki

Analysis and Mitigation of the Interference Between High Voltage Power Line and Buried Pipelines
M’hamed Ouadah , Mourad Zergoug

Performance Optimization of a Photovoltaic Water-Pumping System
Kamal Himour , Kaci Ghedamsi , and El Madjid Berkouk

Study and modelling of a photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector with cylindro-parabolic concentrator
Maifi.L , Chari.A , Hioual.O , Kerbache.T

Open angle effects on the aerodynamic performances of a flanged Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine (DAWT)
Rym Chaker, Mouldi Kardous, Fethi Aloui , Sassi Ben Nasrallah

Comparative Study Between MPPT Algorithms Applied to Wind Energy Conversion System
S. Lalouni , D. Rekioua , K. Idjdarene , A.M.Tounzi

Energy management of Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage
Sofia Lalouni, Djamila Rekioua

Performance Analysis of Control Techniques for PWM Rectifiers
Houssam Eddine Medouce , Adel Mehdi , Hocine Benalla

A control strategy of hybrid photovoltaic-diesel generation system with a battery storage for isolated load
Mhamdi Taoufik Lassâad Sbita

Application of different MPPT techniques in performances evaluation of a PV pumping system
Ahmed Mohammedi, Nabil Mezzai, Zahra Mokrani, Djamila Rekioua

Fuzzy logic control of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic system
Youcef Soufi , Mohcene Bechaouet , Aziz Boukadoum, Tahar Bahi

Numerical Investigation of the Heating Distribution Effect on the Boiling Flow in the Bubble Pumps
Raoudha Garma , Youssef stiriba ,Mahmoud bourouis ,Ahmed Bellagi

Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection in a Square Cavity with Partially Active Vertical and Horizontal Walls
Debbah Djoubeir , Kholai Omar , Chorfi Soufien , Boudebous Saadoun

Motor-Pump Subsystem’s Modelling Tool for Photovoltaic Pumping System Study, Design and Analysis
Akila Djoudi Gherbi , Badia Amrouche , Amor Hadj Arab , Hacen Salhi

Motor-Pump Subsystem’s Modelling Tool for Photovoltaic Pumping System Study, Design and Analysis
Akila Djoudi Gherbi , Badia Amrouche, Amor Hadj Arab , Hacen Salhi

Linearizing control input-output of a wind turbine permanent magnet synchronous

Optimization of Vibration Data Using Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Induction Machine Faults
Abla Bouguerne , Abdesselam Lebaroud , Aziz Boukadoum




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