International Journal of Control, Energy and Electrical Engineering (CEEE)


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Volume3, Issue 1


A novel method for the determination of cadmium ions based on the quenching of the fluorescence of CdSe quantum dots

Nassim Ben Brahim, NaimBel Haj Mohamed, Rafik Ben Chaâbane, Mohamed Haouari, Hafedh Ben Ouada Michel Negrerie

Protection of Overhead Lines Coupled to aPhotovoltaic Generator Against Overvoltage Inducedby a Lightning Strike

Bidi Manel, Latreche Med Elhadi

PV/wind distributed system for urban electrification: Techno-economic feasibility study

Naoual Seddaoui, Hocine Belmili, Lazhar Rahmani

Thermal analysis of cascade solar still

Bouzaid Mariam, Oubrik Mohamed, Ansari Omar, Sabri Ahmed, Taha Janan Mourad

Spartan-3E FPGA Design Guide for prototyping andproduction environment


A Robust Fractional Controller Based on Weighted-Mixed Sensitivity Optimization Problem forPermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Toufik AMIEUR, Moussa SEDRAOUI, Djamel TAIBI, Abdelghani DJEDDI, Hanni GUESSOUM

Fabrication and Characterization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using TiO2 Photo-Anode

Z.Kaddachi, M. Ben Karoui, T. Azizi, J. Ghnimi, R.Gharbi

Experimental Study of Orientation Effects on NaturalConvection Around New/Old LED Package

Khaoula Ben Abdelmlek, ZouhourAraoud, Kamel Charrada, Laurent Canale, Georges Zissis

Simulation of an absorption refrigeration machine operating with alkane mixtures

Rami Mansouri, Radhouane Ben Jemaa, Ismail Boukhoulda, Mahmoud Bourouis and Ahmed Bellagi

Using Bayesian Networks for the Prediction ofDomestic Appliances Power Consumptions

Khawla Ghribi and Dhafer Malouche, Sylvie Sevestre, Zahia Guessoum

Structural, morphological and optical study of Li doped ZnO thin films on glass substrates by the spray pyrolysis technique

Mohamed Salah, Samir Azizi, Abdelwaheb Boukhachem, Chokri Khaldi, Mosbah Amlouk

Decoupled Control of Activeand Reactive Power for DFIG

A.Hocine, A. Benalia

Numerical Study of the Inclination Impact of an Inclined "T" Shaped Double Cavity on the Solution Symmetry and Heat Transfer

M’barka Mourabit, Hicham Rouijaa, El Alami Semma, Mustapha El Alami, Mostafa Najam



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