International Journal of Control, Energy and Electrical Engineering (CEEE)


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Volume4, Issue 1


New Multivariate Polynomial Interpolation-Based MPPT Applied to Battery Storage Photovoltaic System

Abdessattar Jendoubi, Najib Fnaiech , Faouzi Bacha

Magnetic field direction and phase deviation effects on heat transfer for MHD natural convection of CNT-water nanofluid

Soufien BELHAJ, Brahim BEN-BEYA

Maximum Power Point Tracking of a photovoltaic pumping system with PSO controller design

Marwen Bjaoui, Brahim Khiari, Ridha Benadli ,Mouad Memni, Anis Sellami

Particle Swarm Optimization Control of a Grid Connected Solar/Wind Energy System


Modeling and performance comparison between Boost Converter topologies for Lithium Battery Application in Electric Vehicle

Zaineb KANZARI, Jalel KHEDIRI, Mohamed JEMLI

Multi parametric analysis of state feedback control of permanent magnet synchronous machine

Wahid Souhail, Hedi Khammari, Mohamed Fouzi Mimouni

Simulation of Site choice in application of photovoltaic system

Bouziane Khadidja, Chaouch Noura, Azoui Boubeker

Calculations and Measurements of the Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations in Tripoli

Isslam Ali Fadel, Mohamed M. Elfituri, Amer R. Zerek

Energy Management Algorithm for a Fuel Cell-Batteryand Ultra-capacitor in Electrical Hybrid Vehicle

Hajer Marzougui, Ameni Kadri, Mansour Amari, Faouzi Bacha

Nonlinear Voltage regulation of SMIB power system

Salma KESKES, Nouha Bouchiba, Souhir SALLEEM, MBA KAMMOUN

Fault detection of the photovoltaic system by artificial neural networks

C. Karamostefa khelil, K. Kara, A. Chouder



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