Volume 4, 2017

Computer-Aided Detection of the External Borders of the Breast in Digital Mammogram Images

Omar M. Sallabi , Tawfik Ezat Tawfik, Kenz A.Bozed

Effect of Channel Multipath Fading on VoIP QoS in WiMAX Networks

Saad A. Talhah, Nadia aboalgasm, Amer Daeri

Security Threats of Migration From IPv4 to IPv6

Aisha Ali Elzegr, Amer R. Zerek

Effect of Node Trajectory on VoIP QoS in WiMAX Networks

Nadia aboalgasm, Amer Daeri , Saad A. Talhah

Attenuation on Wave Propagation due to Antenna Height and Distance Effects

Najia Ibrahim Algrari, Amal Jamal Boukar , Amer Mohamed Daeri, Ebtesam Alqusbi

Coverage Planning for LTE system Case Study

Amer M. Daeri , Amer R. Zerek, Mohammed M. Efeturi

Phonetics Arabic Database for Speech Synthesis

Mohamed Khalil Krichi, Cherif Adnan