Editor in Chief :

Prof. Ille Gebeshuber

Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Senior Associate Editor :

Dr. Claudia Fernanda Yasar

Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

The International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Technology (IJSET) is a Quarterly open access journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in all areas of Scientific research and Engineering. The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advanced physics, Engineering, energy, control systems and automation concepts and establishing new collaborations in these areas.
Contact: info.ijset@gmail.com

Abstracting and Indexing information

International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Technology (IJSET) is a good recognized series International Journal indexed with PubZone, DocStoc, Google Scholar, SOCOLAR, GetCited, PubGet, CiteSeer, Cornell University, WorldCat, ScientificComons. Project.

Topics & Scopes

Environmental Engineering

Control and system engineering for food industry

Environmental Biotechnology

Ecological Engineering

Development Planning and Policy

Environmental impact assessment

Solid waste management

Water treatment (methods,health, agricultural…)

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear techniques

Radiation protection

Nuclear Security

Business Models, Financing Innovation

Creativity in Innovation

Design Thinking for Innovation

E-business (CRM, E-Learning,BPR, etc.)

Entrepreneurship &Innovation in Start-ups

Renewable Energy

Biomass, Geothermal, Hydraulic

Nuclear Energy 

Energy and heat transfer

Fuel cell, biogas

Hybrid renewable energy 

Materials, semiconductors 

Photovoltaic & Solar energy

Thermal Energy

Wind Energy

Electrical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

High voltage DC transmission

Linear and nonlinear control systems

Power electronic & Power Systems

System identification and control

Human resource management

Information Technology Management

Innovation for Sustainability

Knowledge Management strategies

Measurement of Innovation

Biotechnology Application

Agricultural & Animal biotechnology

Biomedical Computational drug discovery

Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

Biocatalysis& nanobiotechnology

Molecular and Cell Biology

Sustainable and biobased polymer materials

Chemical Engineering

Advances in the synthesis of polymers

Crystallization & composite materials

Catalysis and Chemical Reactions

Enzyme and Fermentation

Interfacial & colloidal phenomena

Micro-hydro-dynamics: Theory & Applications

Water treatment (methods, health, …)

Quality Management

Risk and Security Management

Six Sigma

Transferring Knowledge